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See teeb haiget luudele. Teine liigesevalu põhjus on hormoon relaxin, mida naise keha toodab sünnituse ajal vaagna luude pehmendamiseks. Kas see võiks olla kuidagi seotud rasedusega? Suur tähtsusega, ultraheliuuringu andmed, näidates arsti positsiooni ja platsenta, võivad need tegurid mõjutada ka valu sündroomi välimust. Alkohol 17 nädalat 17 nädala jooksul, mis on 30, on alkohol vastunäidustatud.

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Liina Lukas Full Text Available Impelled by a desire to free themselves from the German influence that had dominated the development of Estonian literature, and from the one-sided relation of cultural dependence that had lasted several hundred years, the Young Estonia movement sought to modernize Estonian literature through borrowing from other European literatures, in particular from French, Scandinavian, and Finnish.

This article seeks to clarify the relative importance and selection criteria of translations from German literature for the literary field of the Young Estonia era.

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In the first and second decade of the new century, new names appear on the Estonian literary scene that signal a change in taste.

For example, naturalist authors Kretzer, Hauptmann, Halbe, Dehmel crop up sporadically amidst texts meant for leisure reading.

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During the Young Estonia era, these writers do not figure significantly in the Estonian literary field, though George emerges as a great model for newer Baltic-German poetry. Translations of these poets do not appear until the s.

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However, the preparatory work done by Young Estonia should not be underestimated. Due to the circulation of literary influences throughout Europe, it is difficult to ascertain specific influences of German modernism on the authors connected to Young Estonia. The reliance Hurt harja raseduse German sources in the literary criticism of the first decades of the 20th century, Young Estonia included, is striking.

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The elective affinity of Jaan Oks with German expressionism is striking as well —an affinity so early and so spontaneous that this is probably not a case of direct influence. The German expressionist avant-garde, which began to define itself through declarations, theses, programs and groupings aroundbecome an important source of impulses in the Estonian literary field in the s, especially through the mediation of Marie Under.

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