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Can you open that knee all the way up? Breath in Inhale exhale And out hands to the mat inhale fires up the back leg, Exhale three legged dog breath and bend the knee, exhale stacks the hip.

It's a partnership between the Free Library and Department of Public Health that increases the availability of free wellness programming here in the city of Philadelphia. So we want to thank those those folks over at the library for sponsoring our class today.

Empower the empower hour is a class that's designed to empower you as we enter the weekend going into the next week, it's Saturday. Beautiful day outside and you know we're we're designed to help develop outer strength as well as inner strength, starting with the breath and then working our way inward and then outward.

It's all great. Today we're going to start on our backs. So I'm going to turn my stereo. Be kind to your body. Listen to your body if something's not feeling right or if a pose isn't feeling like it's something that you want to do don't do it. I'll do my best to modify each and every pose so that you know everybody can get something out of it. Trash cans soup cans We basically use this to bring the ground the earth closer to us, You know yoga strap.

Rope Bed Sheet belt These HEEL HURT SPIN are are great for. Substitutes for the yoga strap and a blanket blanket, and we usually use the blankets to pad the knees cover the body.

I have a dinosaur blanket. That's got me through this this pandemic. I probably need to wash it right and also. Water so this isn't HEEL HURT SPIN to be a class where you're going to be like sweating profusely or anything like that, but I Harja valutab paremal recommend you know.

That you stay hydrated during this or any HEEL HURT SPIN kind of exercise class. Again, thank you for being here can't thank you enough. So everybody come to a comfortable seat and then. You can you know lay with your heels on the mat feet pointed up to the sky if they kind of fall to the side. That's also fine.

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And just You give yourself. Often we.

Go into the world and we show others kindness and we give others space and we. Hold space for others. And we often you know, don't show a lot of kindness, compassion empathy. We don't give ourselves a lot of space a lot of room so today that's what we're going to work on. Today's theme is.

HEEL HURT SPIN Sore kuunarnukk vasakpoolne ravi

Sobre And it's going to be cool. So as we're laying. Take some time. So, Just relax. And just let the body get heavy and the back body as it. Roots itself into The back take a deep breath in. And as you exhale just let.

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Just let the body kind of almost melt into the mat. Take any tension that you feel. Growl right between the eyes and just let that fall away. Relax the muscles in your face, take the tongue off the roof of your mouth. Bring your shoulders away from your ears if you're close. Let the shoulders just melt to the mat.

Bring the belly in more towards your spine. Unlock the knees and the elbows you want to create a micro bend. You don't want to lock your knees or your elbows. And just while you're here just find and enjoy the breath.

Take a big breath in. Out Take a deep breath in. Take your right hand and just rest it on your belly. Sempre lá quem é Chest rise. Collarbone spread. Let it go through the nose. Exhale Now, Amen. As you continue to breathe in very deeply through the nose and out through the nose. Think about all the things that may be.

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Distracting me from being a yes in your practice today. Anything that might be happening externally with the lights. Buzzing of appliances, Two legged friends four-legged friends. Making noise just outside the house of the apartment.

And then, as we look inwards, we think about our to do list. Preconceived notions Self HEEL HURT SPIN, maybe let's take all of those things let's bring them in. They're real. And then let's just breathe them out through the nose. Now on the next inhale, bring your right knee. To your chest.

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And as you exhale open the right knee to the right. Take a deep breath in. Give yourself some space to breathe in. And now. Inhale Exhale As we inhale, we drag our left heel towards our seat and as we exhale, we bring our right ankle to go on top of the left eye.

Use the right hand to open the right knee away from the face breath in.

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Inhale Exhale Breathe in Inhale bring the knee to the chest extend the left leg along the exhale breathing in right left hand, takes the right knee over to the left for Supine twist it. Inhale Exhale Breathe out. Inhale Breathe in Keep leaning in towards the chest. Exhale extending the right leg long. Inhale bringing the left knee into a HEEL HURT SPIN up Exhale opening the left knee.

Inhale brings the right heel towards the seat. Exhale brings the left ankle on top of the right thigh to open up that hip breath in. Give yourself some space here. See you there.

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Out Exhale And Exhale brings the left knee to the chest extend the right leg. Breathe in Exhale right hand left knee over to the right for Supine twist in. That Oh, Ha brings. The left knee back to center exhale extend both legs. Take a big breath in and as you do bring the knees in towards the chest and as we exhale, we press the feet towards the ceiling leg straight, but not locked forward pose.

Exhale Breathe in Inhale Inhale as we bring the knees towards the chest and as we exhale, we make a little circles for our back on our lower back on the mat. Just give yourself a nice. Lower back massage If you don't have a mat, be gentle with yourself here. To the big right there. Shout out. Inhale become distilled exhale three rocks.

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To a comfortable seat as we come to our knees now we're on our knees if the mats thin or it's too hard or the ground is too hard. This is where the blankets come in and you can just put the blanket on the mat and put your knees on the HEEL HURT SPIN right.

Because it's supposed to be challenging right, we Teise kraadi artroosi ravi to push ourselves and that's in our practice, but we don't want the joints to like hurt. So whenever you're like knees elbows that kind of thing wrists have. So find your strength.

Or your belt or your rope and fold it once or twice. And then we're going to under grip it behind us like so.

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Squeezing the elbows and the shoulders towards one another hold the belly in.